About us

As a Music Publisher, Rai Com produces and edits soundtracks, develops and manages the Rai Music Library and oversees the acquisition and distribution of rights for Soundtracks, Contemporary Music and Performing Arts. This site contains a sample of pieces from our catalogue, as well as links to the digital stores we supply.




Rai Com creates soundtracks for fiction and related editions, including agreements with international sub-publishers for the production of the Rai-owned fiction library and soundtracks.




Edizioni Musicali by Rai Com is a library of musical publications which includes original music from radio and TV programmes and more general audio-visual material (advertisements, live events, installations, etc.). Depending on the project, easy-listening and instrumental music may be published and distributed on leading online platforms.




Rai Com develops the Rai Contemporary Music catalogue through the acquisition of the rights of the most important Italian authors, and promotes the work of theatre production companies, exhibitors and performers.




The Performing Arts sector of Edizioni Musicali by Rai Com is responsible for managing relations with leading Italian theatres, opera houses and the cultural system as a whole, coordinating activities such as acquiring the usage rights for productions to be aired on Rai channels and the creation of publications aimed at promoting and commercialising musical production in Italy and internationally.

In cooperation with Rai’s editorial departments, in particular Rai Cultura and Rai Radio 3, as well as the Rai Com commercial departments such as the International Sales and Italian Commercialisation Divisions, Edizioni Musicali organises and promotes the “Tavolo della Musica”, the coordination committee behind the Rai radio and television schedules and the international “All’Opera” programme.

Edizioni Musicali also organises Melò, a Rai Com event that aims to promote and encourage the understanding, analysis and debate of problems and opportunities while enhancing the music regardless of its format. Confirming Rai’s role as one of Italy’s leading cultural drivers, these “General Assembly Meetings for the Representatives of Serious Music” are attended by the Directors of Italy’s Opera Houses, Italian and international television broadcasters, product distributors operating on various platforms, musical professionals and critics, authors, artists and publishers.